Developed a serene and functional website for Heart to Heart MHC, a mental health counseling service in Concord, NC.

Project Details

The project involved designing a website that reflects the calm and supportive nature of Heart to Heart MHC's therapeutic services. The website features include an about page detailing the therapist's qualifications and therapeutic approach, a services section outlining available counseling options, an online booking system for scheduling appointments, and a resources page providing helpful information and support materials for clients. The design prioritizes ease of navigation and a peaceful aesthetic to make online visitors feel welcome and at ease. Additionally, the site was optimized for search engines to help potential clients easily find the services they need.

Web Development


A significant challenge was creating a website that conveys a sense of tranquility and trustworthiness to visitors, which is crucial for a therapy practice. Ensuring the online booking system was user-friendly and seamlessly integrated into the website also presented a technical challenge.


To address these challenges, we utilized a calm color scheme and intuitive design elements that evoke tranquility and comfort. The online booking system was carefully tested and integrated, ensuring it was straightforward for users to navigate and utilize, facilitating an increase in client engagement and appointment bookings.


The website successfully launched, receiving positive feedback for its soothing design and ease of use. The online booking system led to an increase in appointment scheduling, demonstrating its effectiveness and accessibility.

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