Developed a comprehensive and functional website for Wesbrook Freight Inc., a company specializing in freight brokerage and logistics services.

Project Details

The project involved creating a robust website tailored to the needs of Wesbrook Freight Inc., which offers a range of services including freight brokerage, shipping, cargo transportation, and logistics. The website features an interactive service request form, detailed descriptions of each service, a real-time tracking system for shipments, and a resource section for industry insights and company updates. The design emphasizes usability and efficiency to accommodate the diverse needs of logistics professionals and clients seeking reliable freight solutions. Additionally, SEO optimization was implemented to enhance visibility and attract more business leads.

Web Development


The main challenge was integrating complex logistics functionalities, such as real-time tracking and a dynamic service request system, into the website without compromising on user experience. Ensuring the website's information architecture supports quick and easy access to vital information was also critical.


To address the challenges, we employed advanced web development techniques to integrate robust logistics functionalities seamlessly. We focused on creating a clear, intuitive navigation structure and implementing efficient back-end solutions to support real-time data processing and presentation, ensuring that the website is both powerful and easy to use for all users.


The new website significantly improved Wesbrook Freight Inc.'s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The seamless integration of service booking and tracking systems received high praise from users, boosting the company's credibility and client retention.

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