Crafted and marketed a vibrant website for Pursuit Worship, a Seventh-day Adventist church in Charlotte, NC, focusing on young adults.

Project Details

The project encompassed the development of a modern, engaging website tailored to appeal to young adults, showcasing Pursuit Worship's unique approach to faith and community. Key features included a dynamic events calendar for church services and youth activities, a blog for spiritual guidance and church news, and integration with streaming platforms for live and recorded sermons. We also implemented a social media-driven marketing strategy to enhance the church's online presence and connect with the target demographic. The website was designed with mobile responsiveness in mind, ensuring accessibility and a seamless user experience across devices.

Web Development


The primary challenge was creating a website and marketing materials that resonate with young adults, a demographic known for its high standards for digital experiences. Additionally, differentiating Pursuit Worship in the crowded online space of faith-based organizations required innovative marketing strategies.


To tackle these challenges, we utilized a fresh, contemporary design and multimedia content that appeals to younger audiences, including video sermons and interactive elements. Our marketing strategy focused on social media platforms popular among young adults, employing targeted ads and content that highlights the church's community activities and spiritual messages.


The launch of the Pursuit Worship website saw a significant increase in engagement from young adults, with notable growth in attendance at both in-person and online services. The church experienced enhanced community interaction and positive feedback on its modern approach to faith engagement.

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