Developed and executed a comprehensive web development and marketing strategy for Queen City Pro Cleaning Solutions, a versatile cleaning company in Charlotte, NC.

Project Details

The project involved creating a sleek, professional website for Queen City Pro Cleaning Solutions to showcase their commercial, residential, and Airbnb cleaning services. The website features a straightforward booking system, detailed descriptions of their services with pricing, customer testimonials to build trust, and a blog for cleaning tips to engage visitors. Additionally, we launched targeted digital marketing campaigns focusing on local SEO, pay-per-click advertisements, and social media engagement to increase their online visibility and drive business growth. The marketing efforts were designed to highlight their exceptional service quality and reliability to the Charlotte community.

Web Development


The main challenge was differentiating Queen City Pro Cleaning Solutions in the highly competitive cleaning services market in Charlotte. Furthermore, optimizing the online booking process to ensure it was user-friendly and efficient for various types of properties presented a technical challenge.


To address these challenges, we implemented a clean, navigable website design with clear calls to action and an optimized booking system tailored for commercial, residential, and Airbnb properties. The marketing strategy was built around local SEO techniques and targeted social media campaigns to reach potential customers within the Charlotte area, effectively setting Queen City Pro Cleaning Solutions apart from competitors.


The new website and targeted marketing campaigns significantly increased the company's online presence, leading to a notable uptick in booking inquiries for all types of properties. Customer feedback highlighted the ease of the booking process and the professionalism of the online presence, contributing to an increase in repeat business.

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