Designed and launched a vibrant, user-friendly website for Sweet Potato Jones, a beloved catering company in Charlotte, NC.

Project Details

The project focused on creating an engaging online platform for Sweet Potato Jones that reflects the unique flavors and personality of their catering services. The website includes a visually rich showcase of their menu items, detailed service offerings for various events, customer testimonials, and a photo gallery to visually capture the essence of their events. An intuitive contact form and catering request feature were integrated to facilitate easy communication and bookings. The site was also optimized for search engines to increase visibility and attract more business from the local community and beyond.

Web Development


The primary challenge was capturing the company's vibrant personality and the quality of their culinary creations in the website design. Additionally, creating an efficient system for managing catering requests and inquiries posed a logistical challenge.


To tackle these challenges, we focused on a design strategy that utilized high-quality images and a color scheme reflecting the brand's warmth and energy. For the booking and inquiry system, we developed a custom, easy-to-use form that streamlined the process, ensuring that the team at Sweet Potato Jones could efficiently manage and respond to requests, thus enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.


Following the website's launch, Sweet Potato Jones experienced a significant uptick in catering inquiries and bookings, attributing this growth to the enhanced online presence and user-friendly features of the new site. Customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive, particularly regarding the ease of navigating the site and the straightforward booking process.

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