Developed a comprehensive and interactive website for The Blake Enterprise, investors in North Carolina specializing in house flipping.

Project Details

The project entailed creating a website that serves as a digital portfolio showcasing The Blake Enterprise's previous house flips, highlighting their expertise and success in the real estate investment field. The website features a dynamic listings page for currently available properties, an about section detailing the company's mission and values, and a contact form for potential sellers and investors. We implemented an intuitive content management system (CMS) to allow easy updates and additions to their portfolio and listings. The site was designed with SEO best practices in mind to increase visibility and attract more business.

Web Development


One of the main challenges was integrating a user-friendly yet secure platform for potential clients to view and inquire about available properties. Additionally, ensuring the website was optimized for search engines to effectively reach their target audience in the competitive real estate market was a significant challenge.


To overcome these challenges, we integrated a robust yet straightforward CMS for easy management of property listings and utilized advanced SEO strategies to enhance online presence. Responsive design techniques ensured the website's functionality across all devices, providing an optimal user experience.


The website's launch was met with positive feedback, leading to an increase in inquiries from potential sellers and interest from investors. The SEO efforts improved the site's visibility, resulting in higher traffic and engagement.

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